Anonymous asked: Where is the images of Theo and Ashley Benson from? <3

Her scenes are from Pretty Little Liars and his are from Golden Boy and Bedlam.

So… trishwellingtn :)

If we go by GMT time zone, I am not late. I’ll roll with that!

Happy Birthday, Mia. Have a wonderful year, and stay just as awesome.

I love you!

Note: Watermark

I have been avoiding to put anything on the gifs, because I’m mainly making them for Roleplaying purposes… But, I really dislike seeing my gifs in Theo James/Divergent tags, and people saying how they got them on google and had no idea they were my gifs. So… I will be adding a small watermark in the bottom right corner of every new gif I make.

It won’t be something big, so the gifs will still be very usable for roleplaying.

I won’t put the full url, because theojamesgifs is just too long. Instead I’ll only put TJG.

Thank you for understanding.

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Theo James GIFs.

This is just a sideblog!

Feel free to send asks/submits with any requests and I'll do my best to get them done. x

Note: I will not be answering any questions about Theo's personal life. I will also not be posting any links. If you're interested in a show or where to see it, send me a non-anonymous message. I prefer to be able to reply to messages privately in order not to spam anyone's dash with random messages. Thank you.

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